The Value of Sustainable Real Estate

To celebrate SuReal’s anniversary, managing director Sunita Van Heers, along with Pieter Staelens and some of SuReal’s clients show and explain what the value of sustainable real estate is. Sustainability is always evolving, but the core always remains the same. Sustainability is not […]

Heatwave coming up

In the coming days, we’re facing in Belgium our second heatwave of the year. Did you know that this weather corresponds to the projected climate scenarios of 2050? This statement needs a word of explanation, as it has major consequences […]

Green Deal Circulair Bouwen

SuReal signed the Green Deal Circulair Bouwen from Vlaanderen Circulair. An initiative from the Flemish government about Circular Economy.  SuReal is involved in several circular economy projects where sustainability, circular building methods and materials are met thanks to innovative business […]

SuReal at G-Stick conference

Wednesday morning 8:30 20th November. SuReal attended the international G-stick conference on “Technological solutions for the SDGs” at Brussels Expo. We specifically were present for the presentations regarding the Green Energy Park, presented by VUB and Ghelamco. The site contains […]

SuReal spreads the word

Last night SuReal was invited by ABN-AMRO to present on the broader sustainability trends and challenges of today. The event was held at the AAVO Architects offices in Mouscron. Many thanks to Damien for the fruitful collaboration!