Sustainability begins with a well thought trough sustainability strategy on company level. This strategy is unique for every company, and takes into account ambitions on corporate, portfolio and development level.  The SuReal experts guide this process through interactive workshops and in depth studies. The end goal is to have a clear sustainability strategy, translated into a framework, realistic but ambitious KPI s and actions.

The SuReal experts take several steps with the client to come to this end result:

  • Sustainability Framework (UN SDG s, GRESB, GRI,…)
  • Benchmarking company with other (inter)national peers
  • Sustainability Due Diligence of existing project
  • Sustainability Due Diligence of development project
  • Sustainability Due Diligence of company
  • Materiality Matrix and stakeholder engagement
  • GRESB check and/or certification
  • Consolidation implantation
  • Scorecards, in-house tools, program of demand…
  • Annual ESG Report

Thanks to the combination of the high-level approach of our business consultants and the in-depth expertise of the engineering department the ESG strategy is at the same time holistic and detailed.