To celebrate SuReal’s anniversary, managing director Sunita Van Heers, along with Pieter Staelens and some of SuReal’s clients show and explain what the value of sustainable real estate is.

Sustainability is always evolving, but the core always remains the same. Sustainability is not about cherrypicking or adding gimmicks. Sustainability is a perfect balance between the economic, the ecologic and the social.

Sustainability’s positive effect on the lifespan and value of buildings is depicted by Pieter Staelens, valuer at Stadim.

SuReal also invited three of their clients to show their vision on Sustainable Real Estate: Laurent Calonne & Liesbeth Keymeulen CEO & COO at BanimmoBart Huybrechts Managing Director Reslea and CMBGroup Compagnie Maritime Belge (CMB) and Wim Straetmans Executive Director at Kairos.