SuReal is an independent firm of engineer-architects and engineers with a wide range of experience in Integrated Sustainable Design, Architecture, Energy Engineering, Management and Consultancy. Our experts have over 10 years of experience in (inter)national large-scale projects.

As independent sustainability experts, we establish a future proof built environment.  

We are Sustainable Real Estate Rock Stars!

Our approach

We show our clients the way towards the most SUstainable and REAListic real estate based on our integrated studies and pragmatic certificates. 

We have a no-nonsense approach, striving to enhance the impact of every intervention. We believe in value-creation for every scale and every participant.

We believe in co-creation, in excellence and innovation. We therefore have built a wide network of partnerships – consisting of specialists, universities and associations.

We strive to deliver a One-Stop-Shop in sustainability services. No need to stress over every little detail, we will provide you, the client, with a complete and efficient project flow.

Scales of intervention

We see sustainability as an aim to improve the world. Essentially, the world is the biggest scale on which we work. We do however know the importance of every scale in the building process. If one wants to act big, one should start small. Every real estate project is consequently made up of macro, meso and mini scales. Intervention in one scale implies changing the other. Our interventions therefore differ from national level to the end-user, from country to building elements.

Most of our experience stems from projects based in the BENELUX, but the engineers of SuReal also have worked in other countries such as France, Spain, Italy, Germany, Poland, China, South-Africa, Zambia and Guadeloupe.

The partners

The S-team