Active member of ECOBUILD is the cluster for sustainable construction and renovation in Brussels. It brings together companies that are active in this sector and fosters their business development.  

To do this, has the following missions: Connect (bring together players in the construction sector), Highlight (showcase members and the sector), Inspire (facilitate the sharing of innovative practices), and Direct (orient companies demands towards the most competent actors).

As an actor of change, focuses its action on the renovation of the building stock and on the circular aspects of construction.

Official member of the Green Deal Circulair Bouwen

To implement a circular economy in Flanders by 2050, alternative products, services and business models are a necessity. A close collaboration between companies, governments and research centra can realise this. Therefore the former Flemish Minister of Environment, Nature and Agriculture Koen Van den Heuvel launched together with Vlaanderen Circulair, de Vlaamse Confederatie Bouw and OVAM this Green Deal Circulair Bouwen.

SuReal participates in this innovative learning network by sharing practical experience with other construction companies, manufacturers of building products, local and regional governments, developers, researchers, etc. 

Network partner RIBuild

RIBuild stands for Robust Internal Thermal Insulation of Historic Buildings. It is a EU research project that develops guidelines on how to install internal thermal insulation in historic buildings while maintaining their architectural and cultural heritage. The purpose is to reduce energy consumption in historic buildings in order to meet the EU 2020 climate and energy targets.

As a network partner, we receive the newest research-based knowledge first hand. This enables us to take the lead in improving the energy efficiency of historic buildings. Considering the significant impact of energy efficiency and sustainable materials with low environmental impact that do not harm the existing facade elements nor the air quality of building users. This knowledge is of high value when renovating historic buildings.   

Member of De Kompasgroep

De Kompasgroep is considered as the transdisciplinary arena within the Proeftuin Circulair Bouwen, where insight, expertise and information is exchanged between the different actors and their networks. They focus on the one hand on construction/demolition and policy, and on the other hand on financial, juridical and research aspects.

The group exists out of frontrunners playing an active role in the transition and bridgebuilders that can facilitate and accelerate implementation. Throughout a transition oriented co-creation traject, De Kompasgroep will identify system barriers and levers. These will afterwards be crosschecked with the broad public during thematic sessions.