Today, sustainability is not a buzzword anymore. It has become a necessity not only at PROJECT (Real Estate Assets) level but also at COMPANY level. Consumers, Investors and Financial Institutions are demanding realistic and future-proofed integrated sustainability measures at both project and company level. “Walk the talk”.  

As illustrated in the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) of the United Nations, the subject is wide-ranging and full of complex interlinking aspects. Nevertheless, that is exactly where the beauty of the matter resides! 

At SuReal we use the 17 SDG’s to define together the core sustainability targets of a company and their assets. We add the knowledge we have from Sustainable Buildings Certificates (BREEAM, WELL, GRO,…) and Sustainable Master Planning Certificates (BREEAM Communities, WELL Community, Duurzaamheidsmeter Wijken) and CSR/ESG tools (GRI, GRESB,…) to provide realistic, integrated sustainable action plans.  

Therefore, we created a ‘sustainability framework’ that enlightens the complex intersections between those internationally renowned certifications and tools. It is designed to be fitted into specific projects, situations or clients. It allows an analysis of the bigger picture in order to understand where exactly the intervention, certification or study should be done in order to optimize the environmental impact.