“De Tijd” does a series on burnout and work-life balance. At SuReal we are aware that the job of a consultant requires a certain level of stress-resistance and discipline in order to achieve his or her own work-life balance. Instead of obliging a certain regime to everyone, we examine what each individual needs, what their “stress trigger” is and how to avoid overtiredness or burn-out. Our formula:

  • working hours adapted to the individual
  • feedback sessions 121 or group sessions in a relaxed, playful way
  • dedicated backup person per project
  • holiday and rest moments adapted to the individual
  • monthly moments of reflection on the impact of the individual and the company
  • monthly moments of reflection on your general well-being
  • a working environment where open space is combined with rest areas and relaxation areas

And last but not least, we have an in-house yoga session with the whole team every Monday afternoon, followed by lunch cooked by our in-house kitchen prince Filip.