Our main focus is Integrated Sustainability Consultancy in real estate. Many have different interpretations of what the definition of Integrated Sustainability should be or give their own accents to it. For us, it means delivering advise on the broad vision of Integrated Sustainability based on our international expertise, and at the same time offer our independent vision founded on detailed studies.

Find out below how our expertise can be applied in function of the theme and which specific studies could apply to your project. All our services can be translated into project-specific guidance.

Integrated sustainability

At SuReal we believe that an integrated approach to sustainability requires the interconnection of several themes. Not one theme stands alone, but all aspects of sustainability re-enforce each other.

Detailed, full-scope studies

We are convinced that our visions and ideas need a strong foundation. Which we achieve through detailed and project-specific studies. These studies are intended to quantify, justify and aid our clients to make decisions.

Project-specific services

Our services and solutions are always custom-made. Depending on the need of the project, we adapt the type of involvement in the project.

Responsible business (ESG & CSR)

Sustainability begins with a well thought trough sustainability strategy on company level. This strategy is unique for every company, and takes into
account ambitions on corporate, portfolio and development level.
The SuReal experts guide this process through interactive workshops and
in depth studies.

Looking for help on a project in one of these domains?