Keirlandse Zillen

Address Keirlandse Zillen, Mol

Surface 38.000m²

Site 3,4ha

Project description

With Zillelande, CORES development wants to realise an innovative and sustainable residential project at the Keirlandse Zillen in Mol. It should become one of the most sustainable and attractive residential areas in the Kempen. This means that high ambitions are pursued in the areas of energy, water, ecology and mobility.

Budget Confidential

Project period 2019 – 2030

Delivery phases 2021-2025-2030

Final client Cores Development

Designers  Omgeving, M2-architecten, D&A

Energy concept study

The purpose of the energy concept study is to establish principles that can be used in the application for the environmental permit. On the one hand, this involves determining the financial and technical feasibility of various energy concepts, and on the other hand, it concerns the nature and distribution of utilities on the site.

To begin with, a long list of all relevant (and at first glance less relevant) energy concepts was drawn up, after which the scenarios to be calculated in detail were determined. The scenarios are then compared with each other on the basis of a multi-criteria analysis. Criteria such as CAPEX, OPEX, TCO and CO2 emissions are considered. In this way, a well-founded and project-specific choice can be made regarding the energy concept.

SuReal’s role

Energy concept study based on TCO-analysis