Site des parkings de Charleroi

Address Rue de l’Ancre 27, Charleroi

Surface 57.500 m²

Project description

SuReal act as sustainability supervisor and proposes an approach inspired of multiple certification schemes to improve the masterplan. The design was improved with daylight studies, wind studies, a smart water concept, climate change adaptation measures, a consistent regreening strategy with native species and a biodiversity supportive design. Studies to improve the Mobility, answers to local needs, and community features also strengthened the final design of the masterplan. 


Le Parc de Charleroi is an exemplary reaffectation project, transforming a parking lot into a parc with integrated residential and office buildings.

Budget confidential

Project period 2022-2024

Final client Banimmo

SuReal’s role

Sustainability consulting on the following domains:

Water consumption

Energy consumption