Location Flanders

Surface 80.000m²

Project description

Integrated sustainability consultancy for large-scale property projects. Focus on financial feasibility and sustainability goals.

Budget Confidential

Final client VDAB

Team SuReal and Freestone Consultants

Integrated sustainability consultancy for large-scale property projects.

VDAB participates in the SURE 2050 project. SURE 2050 is a vision for real estate that focuses on long term renovation strategies for carbon-free buildings. The objectives are the following:


– Realising a ‘zero carbon’ building stock by 2050 or earlier;
– Contribute to the realisation of climate objectives on a higher system level (district, municipality, different municipalities, Flanders…);
– Contribute to reducing greenhouse gas emissions related to mobility and transport;
– Keeping greenhouse gas emissions between now and 2020 as low as possible.


In the context of this SURE2050 project, VDAB needed support in the field of sustainability ambitions and they needed to know the costs of making their building stock sustainable.

In order not to overlook any sustainability aspects, the scope was broadened from pure energy to all aspects of sustainability based on the internationally recognised BREEAM certification. For each building of the VDAB’s patrimony, it had to be determined what type of work needed to be done to achieve the sustainability objectives: renovation, thorough renovation or demolition and reconstruction. A cost estimate was then made for each of these. In addition, the level of sustainability according to BREEAM (pass, good, very good, excellent, outstanding) and the associated costs were assessed.


On the basis of building audits and the overview of the patrimony, an analysis was made in a conveniently arranged Excel table showing the construction costs and the costs of conservation. Also, the impact of the improvement measures on the CO2 emissions of the buildings was mapped to ensure that the roadmap of improvements is in line with the SURE50 ambitions. The client can further work with the overview table and can, for example, adjust the cost estimate based on progressive insight (just think of the current price increases in construction). The timeline of the building modifications can also be adjusted to create a multi-year budget.

SuReal’s role

Sustainability roadmap