Address Wetstraat 20-25, Brussels

Surface 33.000m²

Site <1ha

Project description

Following the acquisition of a building and land previously owned by the French group Total, Immobel will renovate ¾ of the real estate complex with maximum respect for the principles of sustainability and circularity. The project has a very favourable location in Rue de la Loi, in the European district, and will be equipped with ecological energy solutions (geothermal, solar panels).

Budget Confidential

Project period 2021 – 2025

Delivery phase 2025

Final client Immobel

Designers Neutelings Riedijk, Jaspers-Eyers, Erik Dhont Landscape Architects

MEP engineering Boydens

Three certificates guarantee high sustainability ambitions: BREEAM, DGNB and WELL

For this ambitious project, the CO2 impact is high on the agenda. Right from the early conceptual phase, the CO2 impact of the materials was calculated with a Life Cycle Assessment. In order to sharpen the ambition in kg CO2eq/m², this was set on the basis of international benchmarks from the start. Frequent workshops on materialisation and reuse in situ and ex situ ensure that the initial ambitions are continuously monitored. The reuse of the structures, the façade panels, and the raised floors, results in a considerable reduction of the environmental impact. But the search for new materials with a lower environmental impact is also bearing fruit. Finally, the energy-neutral energy concept helps to minimise the operational CO2 footprint.

In terms of the water concept, too, it goes far beyond what is legally required. The spearheads of the concept are a strong reduction of the drinking water demand by rainwater and greywater recovery. The combination of full soil in the courtyard, retention roofs and underground buffering ensure that a T100 rainstorm can be fully processed on the site without overloading the public sewer system.

User comfort is guaranteed by the WELL core platinum certification, with particular attention paid to the attractive stairs, biophilia in the inner garden and in the building thanks to visible wood.


The broader sustainability is objectified by no less than 2 certification systems: BREEAM and DGNB. BREEAM has a strong focus on the design process, DGNB is complementary in terms of “profit”, as financial feasibility is also an important facet of this certification system.

SuReal’s role


BREEAM Outstanding: Assessor and AP

DGNB Platinum: Assessor

WELL Platinum: AP

Sustainability studies

Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) and circular economy guidance

Water concept

Life Cycle Cost (LCC)

DGNB studies