Victoria Tower

Address Groenstraat, Sint-Joost-Ten-Node

Surface 25.000 m²

Project description

Redevelopment of IBM Tower into the multifunctional Victoria Tower.

Budget Confidential

Project period 2019 – 2021

Delivery phase 2022

Final client DWNTWN & Baltisse

Designers 51N4E

MEP engineering CES

SuReal is entitled to act as WELL and BREEAM Assessor for new buildings, sites and renovations.

The iconic IBM tower in the heart of Brussels’ North Quarter was purchased by developers DWTWN and Baltisse.

They had a desire to repurpose the tower into a vibrant multi-purpose tower. The building now combines offices, a co-working space, a hotel, a rooftop bar, and a meeting center in one building. The plinth and the roof will be accessible to the public to give quality back to the city.

The project of 25.000 m2 was conceived in an integrated sustainable way.

The main elements are the following:

Re-use of the entire structure of the building as well as the maximum of the facade panels

Fossil free energy concept

Qualitative comfort and experience by focusing on good daylighting, high-quality thermal comfort, good indoor air quality (e.g. avoidance of VOCs), as well as the integration of greenery in the building (biophilia), voids to enhance the spatial feeling and feeling and creation of qualitative views to the adjacent park, …

Implementation of circular economy principles: maximum reuse of materials in the building, LCA for interior finishes (raised floor, suspended ceiling, partitions, …), 7S principle: separate all layers with different life cycles from each other for maximum flexibility, maximum closure of cycles (e.g. rainwater and greywater recovery), …

SuReal is responsible for sustainability guidance, the optimization of the energy concept and comfort, implementation of measures regarding circular economy and sustainable development, etc.

One of the matters that have been examined in the sustainability guidance are the subsidy dossiers Be Exemplary and Be Circular.

SuReal guides the consortium on a range of themes:

Architecture and urbanism: preserving the iconic character of the building, working out limited available landscape to counter urban heat islands, upgrading surrounding pedestrian tunnels to increase the livability of the site, creating employment for the neighborhood, …

Social: the location of the building was analyzed in relation to its surroundings in order to respond to the needs of the neighborhood. The project is equipped with (semi-)public functions such as a bar on the top floor, coworking spaces are integrated into the project to attract a broad public (start-ups, non-profit organizations, …), …

Environment: the project is committed to fossil-free technologies, capturing rainwater to flush toilets or feed an irrigation network to benefit the many plants in the building, the visual/thermal/acoustic comfort have been thoroughly analyzed and optimized, the implementation of electric charging points and shared cars is being prepared, …

Circular economy: reuse of the structure and elements in the building is maximized, new materials are selected based on life cycle analyses, a material passport is prepared, use of recovery materials from Rotor is prepared, …

This guidance has ensured among others that – taking into account the specific Brussels context in which the project is located – for a whole series of important themes, concrete measures have been designed and finally implemented in the project.

SuReal’s role

Feasability of obtaining BREEAM Communities certification ‘Outstanding’.


Sustainability studies on masterplan level

  • Analysis of thermal and daylight comfort
  • Location studies
  • Water concept
  • Analysis of the materials with Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) 
and advice on circular economy
  • Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) analysis of energy concept 
and materials

  • Support energy masterplan
  • Support mobility concept
  • Analysis of wind comfort on the site


BREEAM New Construction Certification Excellent for the buildings in phase 1.


EPB advice and reporting for the building in phase 1.


Guidance in obtaining the WELL-certificate for phase 1.

SuReal’s role

As sustainability expert, SuReal performs the due diligence of the energy concept and guides the team with the implementation of circular economy and the subsidy dossiers of Be Circular and Be Exemplary.