Sustainability Due Diligence

Address Edergem & Antwerp

Surface 2.000 m²

Project description

Refurbishment of 50 year old apartments. With this project, we want to achieve state-of-the-art, future proof dwellings. SuReal executed Sustainability due diligence which in this case meant that we went through the current project in terms of sustainability and formulate concrete actions. This due diligence consisted out of the following steps:


  1. On-site visit
  2. Workshop on the state of the design
  3. Specific study: e.g. TCO study of the energy concept, …
  4. Overall Sustainability Due Diligence: what are the strengths, weaknesses, …
  5. Input on general program of requirements

Budget Confidential

Project Period 2022 – 2023

Final client 22 Invest & SHLTR

Designers BRO Architecten

More info coming soon

SuReal’s role

Due Diligence

Specific studies:

Enegry concept study